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Sadie Ford Farm at Cedars of Lebanon State Park

Visitors to Cedars of Lebanon State Park might easily miss the Sadie Ford Heritage Farm and Cultural Art Center. Obtained by the park in 2019, the farm is just down the road from the park entrance, about a 40-minute drive east of Nashville. (1)

Sadie Ford is the only surviving farm in the area that predates Cedars of Lebanon which was designated a park in 1955. (2) While most of the buildings came from other sites, the farmhouse and barn are original. (3)

I recently took a tour of the farm led by two seasonal interpretive rangers. We explored the grounds first and saw a shed that will be developed into a blacksmith shop. (4) The goal is to host a blacksmith on weekends to give demonstrations. (5) We visited the farm’s chickens and its rooster and saw the vegetable gardens.

Black and rust-colored chickens and a rooster stand behind wire mesh in Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Tennessee
Apparently, the rooster is feisty.

In addition to their feed, the chickens and the rooster enjoy the garden produce as do the turtles in the visitor center. (6)

A red barn sits on the right side with a large green tree on the left with a green field and hay bales behind them under a blue sky in Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Tennessee.

The barn was beautiful. It’s thought this barn might’ve been used to house soldiers during the Tennessee Maneuvers. (7) The Maneuvers were training exercises conducted in Middle Tennessee during WWII. (8) Highway 231, the road between the farm and park entrance, was part of these exercises. (9) We learned that the park hopes to use the barn as an event space in the future. (10)

A corn crib and cabin were moved here from another property in the area. (11)

A wood paneled room with wooden chairs and a stone fireplace in Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Tennessee.
The inside of the cabin

The cabin, built around the 1830s, smelled wonderful inside since it’s made from cedar. (12)

We finished our tour inside the farmhouse. It was built in the 1920s for a couple named Delta and Sadie Ford. (13) They were local teachers. (14)

A gray-sided one-story house with a gray roof in a green grass yard in Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Tennessee.
The Sadie Ford farmhouse

While the park hopes to have the entire house open to the public one day, it limits tours to 6 people because the house needs some work on its foundation. (15) Everything in the house is period appropriate. (16) I loved the beautiful original windows in the dining room. (17)

A table and chairs, cabinet, and desk with other furnishings in a room in Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Tennessee.
The dining room with original windows

I enjoyed this photograph of Sadie Ford’s family. 

A black and white old photo of a family with the first row sitting and the row behind standing
You can see Sadie as a young girl on the right in the front row. 

The dining room also has information panels and a display case focusing on the Tennessee Maneuvers.

The kitchen was fun; inside, it definitely felt like you stepped back in time. 

An old stove, a long wooden table, and a big white porcelain sink sit on checkered tile floor in front of green walls
The kitchen
An old light sage-colored stove with cast iron pans on it with a framed advertisement on the wall behind it.
There's an ad for this oven hanging on the wall.
A blue-and-white striped framed poster with various Ball jar logos
This was a fun poster in the kitchen. It shows you how to tell when Ball jars were manufactured. Several Ball jars are nearby to test your skills.

Next time you visit Cedars of Lebanon State Park, stop by the Sadie Ford Farm. It’s open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. Thursday through Sunday. (18) On Saturdays, a man who makes and sells brooms visits. (19) There’s also a one-mile loop trail you can hike that allows you to visit two ponds on the property. (20) Maybe I’ll see you out there!

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June 24, 2024


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