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Hiking in Long Hunter State Park


About 30 minutes from Nashville lies Long Hunter State Park. It's the best of both worlds for a city-dwelling hiker - just a short drive from the city with all of the natural areas of a remote park. Hikers can enjoy plenty of open space and over 20 miles of trails.

On Monday, I hiked the Day Loop trail at the park. This trail is almost four miles long, and its trailhead is down the road from the park entrance. The Day Loop begins by sharing the same path as the Volunteer Trail and then splits from the Volunteer Trail and loops back to its beginning.

After it separates from the Volunteer Trail, it follows the shores of Percy Priest Lake providing glimpses of the water for most of the hike.

Percy Priest Lake at Long Hunter State Park
Percy Priest Lake

This is an easy trail to trek. Expect the surface to vary between compacted gravel, compacted dirt, and rocks and roots. See below.

Some sections of the trail look like they could be from a forest in a fairytale.

Day Loop trail at Long Hunter State Park

I met many other hikers on the trail also taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Several had dogs with them, and all but one had them leashed as required. It was great to see so many people respecting the rules of the park.

The next time you want a quick escape from the city head to Long Hunter State Park!


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