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Visit "The Legacy of Tennessee State Parks" Exhibit


Exhibit tables and stand-alone informative panels in a lobby
"The Legacy of Tennessee State Parks" exhibit

The next time you're in Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park in Nashville cross the street and visit the Tennessee State Library and Archives. The Library and Archives' lobby hosts a new exhibit called "The Legacy of Tennessee State Parks."

This small exhibit gives an interesting overview of the history of the parks.

A copy of a typewritten letter with a museum description of the letter underneath

I enjoyed reading letters from citizens asking Governor Browning to build a park in their community. I particularly liked the opening sentence of the above letter from 1937: "I know you have all you can say GRACE over now but this such a vital thing that I trust you will bear with me" [sic]. It adds so much personality to the letter and made me smile 86 years after it was written.

I'd love to see the Library and Archives or the Tennessee State Museum host a bigger exhibit dedicated to the parks.

Make sure you see this one before it closes on May 13.


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